It all started from a desire for a light weight,
strong and bigger boat from every Anglers that we
know of, the dream became reality!

We learned from fellow Anglers, hearing experience that
they had, and their desire for a far greater boat.

Trojan Boat lives on their dream and making it possible!!

We improve and innovate, working towards the Anglers’ desire
and result in a far better built boats - Trojan Boats!
Built by experienced boat builder
Factory level with mass production and 22 years in boat building industry
More than 5,000 boats are built per year and supplied worldwide
We are CE Certified!

  Quality hardwares
All Trojan Boats are built with class-A hardware’s and controlled by computer aided machineries, end result of uncompromised quality boat

  Grade A materials & Precision Built
All our boats are built with SINGLE sheet of marine grade aluminium with optimum hardness, weight and strength! Unnecessary weights are removed for maximum portability!

Built to withstand all the harsh and bruises during boating.

Laser cut by computer aided system to ensure perfect and matching joints.
Bended and shaped using heavy machineries – minimized tear or dismantling possibilities and maximizing safety!

Minimized welding joint - minimized crack for possible accidents!
  Fully designed by experienced Angler to Anglers!
We take all aspect of boating and seamanship factors.

From the little bouyancy to hull design, from leg room to seating comfort - we look into all to perfect Trojan Boats!

Hull Design
Various type of hull – flat, V hulls and
A perfect combination of all boating applications and requirements.

It's an Anglers' call!
Keels and Side Ribs
In-built with the single piece of marine grade aluminium, bended with precision machineries and fully controlled by computer aided system

No additional hardware, no extra weight!!

Minimizing possibilities of crack and dismantling, maximizing safety and security
Great Comfort
With primary thoughts for all Anglers, Trojan Boats are built to provide comfort for any boating experiences

Wider seats, fuel tank mount, sturdy casting decks with improved safety and peace of heart.

Uncompromised Safety
Built in a single piece with minimal welded joints.

Bended side wall to hull – it may be dented but it wont dismantle,
it wont crack!

Hidden floatation mechanism in the event of mishaps - the
foams are fitted inside the seats!

Fuel tank mount preventing - body roll uncontrollably
and may cause accidents.

Stronger transom to prevent warps
and tearing the transom
Optimum performance and balance
Trojan Boats are accurately calculated for the optimum performance and weight balance – hence the lightness and rigid at the same time!

We build it:-
BIGGER, BETTER and LIGHTER - RUGGED in any manner!

X-Pro Customized – we build your dream boat!
Shape and size of the boat being the base drawing, we could fully decked your boat with a steering console, adding live well or hatches, a fully covered fishing rod storage, even moving or removing the benches to your desire!

You make the call!

Various types and sizes to choose from - Providing competitive edges.
Trooper – Being a Flat hull boat, Trooper would be your best companion for approaching shallow water and yet providing stability

Archer – for those who desired speed to reach to destination and thru waves, Archer’s V hull slices the chops like a hot knife on butter!

Assault –the best of both world – optimum speed paired with incomparable stability with it’s semi V hull

Feel the difference -Trojan Boats!
Better ride - Comfort, safety and built from experienced boat craftmen – uncompromised quality
Better value - Bigger, stronger and lighter boat with plenty of features – in one single affordable price!

Be Assured With Uncompromised Quality

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